Isiri Surface Hydrant Valve

  • DN 80 to 300
  • PN 10 & PN 16

Field of application

Water supply and distribution from main pipe line in case of fire fighting and ect. in cities, hospitals, educational departments and ect. up to 70°C.


  • Design and test: According to ISIRI2841
  • Flanges: According Class 150 or DIN2501
  •  Hydrostatic test pressure: According to DIN EN 12266-1
  •  Equipped with auto-drain apparatus made up of Copper alloy for proper water drain after operation
  • Equipped with a breakable system to prevent damages to pipeline and prevent water to come out after accidents.
  •  Equipped with Oil chamber
  •  Capability of being installed to both horizontal and vertical branches
  •  Not being able to take the Bronze operating nut unless taking the whole bonnet out


  • Bonnet, Upper Body, main Valve, Foot bend, Wrench, and Caps: Ductile Iron (GGG40)
  •  Barrel: Steel
  •  Stem: Stainless Steel (X20Cr13)
  • Pentagon Operating Nut and, Sealing Ring, and Auto-Drain valves: Copper Alloy
  • Gate Seal: Rubber (EPDM/NBR)
  • Nozzles: Copper Alloy or Ductile Iron
  • Chain: Galvanized Steel

On Request

  • Different Nozzle types with desired material
  •  Possibility of manufacturing with Flanged outlets
  •  Possibility of being manufactured in different installation depths
ISIRI Surface Hydrant Valve
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