Air Valve

DN 50 … 200
PN 1016

Field of application: Opening, closing and external control for regulation of the pressure and flow rate in water supplies, water treatment, irrigation, dams, pumping stations, industries, power plants and etc. It can be used for fluids such as drinking water, steam, oil and other non-corrosive fluids up to 120°C.


Flanges: according to DIN 2501
Hydrostatic test pressure: according to DIN EN 12266-1
 Corrosion protection: Completely coated with blue color (RAL 5005) electro -static epoxy powder coating according to DIN 30677-T2
Branching ability with two auxiliary ports
Less interior parts
Applying less force to the pipeline due to its lower weight


Body and Bonnet: Ductile Cast Iron 1693 (GGG40)
 Elastomeric Parts: EPDM/ NBR
 Float: Stainless Steel
Trim: Stainless material


 Interior parts resistant to a higher temperature
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